WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.
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Who we are
We are the Real Vapour Company. 
We are your one-stop high-end destination for luxury vapour liquids and reliable hardware. 
Through years of experience we have gained knowledge of the qualities that matter within the Vapour Industry.
In a newly-emerging market shrouded by questions, it is important to know where to get the answers. 
We believe in sharing what we have learned in a comfortable setting with people you can trust.
We at the Real Vapour Company have a policy of truth, and our first priority is to give you the very best service available in the industry.

Our Approach

Where we are from

Our small team started as an online retailer in 2013, under the name waterlooesmoke.com. We opened our own humble brick-and-mortar store that same summer. We have had the pleasure of watching the industry grow from a cottage industry to mainstream. During this pivotal time in the industry, we wanted to establish ourselves while doing our part to push the vapour industry forward.
It dawned on us that the uncertainty and lack of understanding seeded many doubts within our patrons, but those doubts could be extinguished. Real Vapour Company was going to extinguish those doubts by creating a comfortable environment with knowledgable, passionate staff at the customer’s disposal.
Honest, friendly experts, who each believe passionately in serving each and every customer. This is the North on the Real Vapour Company’s compass. Our customers drive our business and shape the company that we are.
We at the Real Vapour Company thank all of our current and future patrons for making us the success we are today.