RVC strives to be your First Choice of Vape Store in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Area! Plus First Choice in E-Commerce with shipping Nation Wide! We have a large selection of E-Liquids, including Free Base and Salt Nicotine, Starter to Advanced Vape Kits, E-Cigarettes, Tanks, Pods, Disposables and more. We believe in providing You with Competitive Pricing, plus enhanced value of the most reliable, friendly service in the industry.

Therefore, our staff are informed, educated and entirely focused on finding you exactly what you need and want with your vaping experience! If you’re looking for exceptional service to help with your current vaping setup, or want to upgrade your Vaping Experience! Look no further than Real Vapour Company.

Keep it real.

Some of our hottest products include: Puff Bar, Puff Plus,  Allo, Allo Ultra, STLTH, Nord, Caliburn and many more!

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